Damage Art


         ... when I was young and foolish according to Miss Meehan (my wonderful art teacher) I was quite good at drawing, painting, and doodling. As a teenager, the only sport I was interested in involved sitting or lying on a couch with a paintbrush or a musical instrument.

It was apparent to all that I was to be an artist – not a sportsman.

Despite producing several Dali inspired paintings, Gerald Scarfe style drawings and having several cartoons published in a national magazine... this was a talent I chose to neglect. Not anymore!

In 2010 I regained my interest in painting and photography and you can see the results here.

I am currently in the middle of my second (or third) mid-life crisis. You lose count after a while. It could be age-related, or something to do with giving up smoking, or both.

Rather than buy a Harley Davidson and get run over by a truck, I decided to get a slightly better camera (a Canon Powershot) and dedicate the rest of my miserable life to wandering the streets mumbling, taking shots of manhole covers along with numerous works of Mother Nature.

Some of these efforts are already pictures. Others are merely ideas, to be enhanced or ruined with pencil, paintbrush, computer or anything else that happens to be lying around.

Many will end up in the rubbish bin. Some will make no sense whatsoever.

But then, if life made sense - it would be boring wouldn't it?

In the future I hope to add to (or reduce) this verbal drivel... as and when I have some idea what the hell I am doing.

This may take some time...

In the meantime, thank you for your concern.  x



Once upon a time, long long ago...